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        May 18, 2018
        Today I added the Cool and Warm Season...

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        April 28, 2018
        Today I added information on upcoming workshops...

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        April 28, 2018
        Today I added the Gardening 101 handouts...

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        Mar 9, 2018
        Today I added the Propagation handout...

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        Mar 9, 2018
        Today I added my upcoming workshops..


        Gardening in the Chinook Zone n be a challenge but when
        done well is incredibly rewarding. It is possible to create
        stunning gardens in the lgary area that rival landspes in
        more hospitable climes. Gardening is a way for us to explore
        our creative sides. It should be fun and therapeutic, not a
        chore. Let me show you how to make the most of your space.

        Elaine Rude, Master Gardener
        email: elaine@

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